Patreon Perks

Lets see how much you're worth!

Perk Explanation

Pepe Manager Patreon perks are split into two; one is a user perk and the other is a server perk. You gain user perks by donating over $1 on Patreon. You gain server perks by donated over $5 on Patreon.


Below is a table of all the features that are in one way or another limited in the free version of Pepe Manager. We do not want to create a bot whose core features and functionalities are locked behind a paywall, so we try our best to keep the standard limits as open and nonrestrictive as possible.
Standard Limit
Premium Limit
Single Or Server
XP Roles
5 Roles per Level
25 Roles per Level
XP Multipliers
10 Multipliers Total
25 Multipliers Total
Channels/Roles Per Multiplier
30 Roles/Channels
50 Roles/Channels
Image Command Tips
No Tips
Image Vote Lock
5 Images Per Vote Cycle
No Limit
XP Leaderboard
100 Users
200 Users
XP White/Blacklist Channels
30 Channels
50 Channels
Autorole Limit
5 Roles
25 Roles
Autopublish Channels
5 Channels
25 Channels
Milestone Roles
5 Roles
10 Roles

Our Philosophy

We do not want to create a Discord bot like MEE6 or others that lock the majority of its features behind a paywall. Furthermore, we want Pepe Manager to be a bot whose core features, i.e., the features that the majority will find useful, to be as free as possible. However, like every single other bot, we also have development costs, upkeep costs, server costs, etc. We therefore rely on our user's generosity in supporting this project, and in large-scale server/operation owners, who will benefit from these increased premium limits the most. However, we also want to hear your feedback. If you feel that a standard limit is too restrictive and want to suggest a new limit, please join our Discord server and message either CmdData#0101 or Almeida#0001