Exporting Leveling Leaderboard

Learn how to export your Pepe Manager leaderboard into a tangible file!

Why Would You Need This?

Well, we seriously hope you really really DON'T need this, surprisingly! We want to make Pepe Manager as accessible, feature-full and easy to use as no bot before it! The reason we implemented an export feature is to essentially not be an asshole and lock you dear user into a bot that you realistically cannot remove without great detriment to your community by taking away all of the months or even years of leveling grinding your users have already done.


File Structure

Below is an example of what the file structure of your leveling leaderboard export will look like,
interface Level {
avatar: string | null;
level: number;
tag: string | null;
userId: string;
xp: number;
interface Export {
levels: Level[];